Ahmet Mert Hacıaliefendioğlu
Senior Consultant
Triverus - IT Consulting Services


I am a a Senior Consultant at Triverus with 3+ years of experience in Software Engineering. My technical expertise and focus is on object-oriented programming languages, mobile and web developments, statistical computing, data science and related fields. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science from Binghamton University and Istanbul Technical University as part of a dual-diploma program. Later, I received my master’s degree in Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University.
Ahmet Mert Hacialiefendioglu
Prior to joining Triverus, I worked as a full stack software developer at Snow Joe, helping to build and maintain the company's sole e-commerce platform which was used nationwide. I also worked as a research assistant where I was responsible for the development of computational algorithms and tools to integrate and mine various types of data on intimate partner violence as part of a funded research project.

Besides being a techie who enjoys riddles and challenging problems, I enjoy composing music, hiking and camping just as much (if not more). Last, but not least, I view developing strong bonds with my colleagues and clients as a critical part of my professional life, just as I view my friends and family as an integral part of my life.

Contact Information

E-mail: ahacial1@binghamton.edu
LinkedIn: hacialiefendioglu